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JANUS Software

JANUS Software

JANUS Software

The natural partner for eSkan: Janus software

Designed to be used together with EXID’s eSkan 2D SADL scanner, Janus software allows the capturing of data in a secure PoPI (Protection of Personal Information)-compliant, password-protected database.

Janus software maintains a history of the driver and the vehicles that enter and exit facilities and estates. Supervisors can use this database information to immediately see mismatched drivers and vehicles on either the dashboard or on the user interface. By responding immediately to these alerts, security guards can detain vehicle drivers for further investigation, thereby eliminating vehicle theft or fraudulent behaviour.


  • Management of vehicles and drivers entering and leaving – scanning of vehicle disk, driver ID
  • (Optional, if system configured) Enter reason for entry on the scanner
  • (Optional, if system configured) Management of contractors and their passengers entering/leaving
  • Management of regular pedestrians entering/leaving – for example, domestic workers, gardeners
  • Reporting, data searches, investigation
  • Alerts user of exceptional cases – for example, unwanted person/vehicle, unknown pedestrian, etc
  • Occurrence book
  • Information obtained by scanners is encrypted and password protected to ensure visitors private information is not leaked to unauthorised persons. The information can also be hidden from operators
  • Janus Professional: Health and safety visitor clearance form
  • Easy to learn – guards and supervisors can quickly learn to use their functions in the system
  • System stability: Very high levels of availability possible, and high performance during peak periods. Janus Professional can be scaled to suit high levels of information flow
  • Information security: Data is encrypted before sending to server, and stored in an encrypted database. Wi-Fi communication channel is password protected, and database and file access is restricted

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