Software Development Kit (SDK) for SADL decryption

EXID’s SDK is available in two decoding options: Cloud and Native.

Features of Cloud decoding:


  • Decryption and decoding is performed in the cloud by sending raw barcode information to the cloud with text information and a facial image being returned from the cloud
  • Device and operating system independent
  • Server licence per account/solution
  • Internet access required
  • Pay for total scans per month per account or fixed monthly contract for 24 months
  • Unlimited devices
  • Designed for low volume of scans per device
  • Normally use smart phone camera to capture and decode PDF417 barcode
  • Ideal for insurance/financial and contract/credit applications.

Features of Native decoding:


  • Decryption and decoding is performed on the device and no internet access is required
  • Device and operating system specific, with Android being the most popular
  • Run-time licence per device
  • No internet access is required, except for licence registration or renewal (if applicable)
  • Pay per device, unlimited number of scans
  • Designed for high volume of scans per device
  • Use smart phone or 2D barcode scanner (preferred)
  • Ideal for access control, security, health and safety sectors
  • System integrator normally sells a bundle than includes the hardware and the SADL native run-time licence
  • Supports both OPEX and CAPEX models.