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Q: What is the difference between 1D and 2D barcodes?

Above: a 2D Barcode

Above: a 1D Barcode

A: 1D barcodes are simple linear barcodes representing data in the widths (lines) and the spacings of parallel lines are referred to as Linear or 1D (one-dimensional) barcode symbologies. A 1D Barcode holds less than 85 characters. A PDF417 2D barcode refers to a Portable Data Format with 4 bars and 4 spaces of different lengths in a 17-module wide structure. Each module provides 929 different symbol characters, with a maximum of 90 rows and 30 columns. The South African Driver’s Licence (SADL) stores 740 bytes in 2D (excluding overheads).

Q: What information is stored in the SADL card barcode?

A: Everything that appears on the front of the licence card, with the exception of the signature, but including the driver’s photograph and PDP information where relevant. The fingerprint on the back of the card is excluded.

Q: How do I choose between cloud decoding and native decoding?

A: If the solution is country wide and not limited to how many users, then cloud decoding is the preferred option. With this solution the end user normally supplies the hardware (smart phone or a tablet). If the solution is site based and one expects lots of scans per device (dedicated hardware), then native decoding should be considered.

Q: With cloud decoding, what is an account and how does it work?

A: An account is normally linked to a company/solution. So Company X provides a solution to all vehicle retailers to scan a test driver’s SADL before he/she test drives a vehicle. Company X provides this solution to different branches countrywide and still has only one account with EXID. Each branch can load this application on as many BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) as needed. Company X must implement and regulate the registration/usage of this solution since it will be billed per scan, and not on the total number of devices. The company might also consider a 24-month fixed cost contract per solution and therefore will not pay per scan.

Q: How do I start with the development process?

A: For cloud-based and native solutions, a starter pack must be purchased. If the hardware is purchased from EXID then the starter pack is free. The starter pack will enable the VAR to build the application. The starter pack includes demos, source code, libraries and technical support.

Q: Can a device licence be transferred to another device in case of theft/breakdown?

A: With cloud decoding it is the VAR’s responsibility. When using native decoding, the licence can only be transferred when using an OPEX model, or with a CAPEX model when the hardware was supplied by EXID. A licence cannot be transferred using the BYOD CAPEX model. The VAR/user must separately insure the device against theft; this may include the software licences on the device.

Q: Why is it not advisable to use the phone camera for access control?

A: The camera solution takes on average 3 seconds and frequently struggles to capture the SADL PDF417 barcode, especially in outdoor conditions, with different ambient light conditions.

Q: Why must I buy a device from EXID? I can bring in another device slightly cheaper.

A: Supplying the device is just the first step in a long relationship with your customer. Your customer expects at least 3-5 years after-sales support on the hardware, with or without a SLA (service level agreement). Apart from the 1-year warranty, EXID can provide extended warranty on all its products. It also offers carry-in repairs and has qualified technicians and stock to repair all its devices locally. The cost to load the SADL SDK is much more when it is loaded on a BYOD.

Q: What applications is the SADL scanner suitable for?
A: The SADL scanner can be used by law enforcement to validate licence expiry dates and driver details, thereby eliminating fraud; as proof of identity; in access control applications where information is correctly and quickly captured into a database; in desktop applications as a keyboard wedge to quickly fill in preloaded forms; for inventory tracking of vehicles and equipment; for car rental companies.

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