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Ensuring your cargo is in good hands

How many of you accept the authenticity of your newly-employed truck driver’s capabilities and legality to drive a heavy-duty vehicle at face value? Do you really know that he is legitimately qualified and licensed to transport possibly millions of Rands worth of your goods or assets?

There are a couple of places in the logistics chain where the deployment of a South African Drivers Licence (SADL) scanner is useful:

  • When employing a driver, the driver’s licence card can be scanned to verify if he is registered to operate a vehicle in the code category for which he is being employed. This will ensure that you aren’t putting a Code 8 driver in a Code 10 vehicle. This protects you from legal liability and also protects your assets and cargo.
  • When the driver arrives at a collection or delivery point, his SADL can be scanned to determine whether he is the official driver of the vehicle as detailed in the delivery or collection mandate. This will help to prevent theft of goods by criminals attempting to pose as legitimate drivers.

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