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Building a security foundation

Security should be considered from the onset of any development project. There are several crucial steps that project developers and project managers can take before development begins that can significantly improve the entire development cycle and avoid potential security pitfalls that would otherwise arise.

Project developers are responsible for coordinating project development and delivering a project that will perform to the specifications defined by the project owner. Project developers should be able to identify the vulnerabilities of a project and recommend security measures that can be used to eliminate or reduce those vulnerabilities.

The starting point is the risk assessment and/or site survey. This set of documents will indicate the issues that need to be resolved in the security solution. The plan will be site and risk dependant. This assessment should ideally be conducted by a security risk assessor/consultant, in collaboration with the property developer/owner and building contractors to ensure that all the necessary elements are included.

Not only is it important to deploy the correct technology and manpower, but the client’s budget needs to be considered. This ultimately will determine the extent of the security system deployment and the type of products used.

Most residential and business estates would include some or all of the following manpower and technology elements:

  • Perimeter fence or wall which can be electrified or have spikes on top
  • Security boom
  • Traffic spikes
  • Card or biometric reader at gate or boom
  • Licence plate recognition cameras
  • CCTV cameras
  • Security office at gate or boom
  • Patrolling security guards.

With regard to access control systems, the aim is to keep out unauthorised people but allow authorised people to enter the estate. There are many biometric and RFID card readers on the market which record visitor, resident and contractor details and log them on a database for viewing by management.

Hand in glove with access readers are South African Driver’s Licence (SADL) readers which allow the operator to quickly and easily scan the driver’s SADL to ensure that they are indeed the person they claim to be. Read more here about the EXID eSkan reader.

The bottom line is that when one plans ahead and budgets for security, there is a greater long-term chance that the system will provide maximised security without the aggravation of having to disrupt existing infrastructure and get after-the-fact buy-in from Homeowners Associations.

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